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Title 6: Offenses

Chapter 6-1  Offenses against Public Welfare
Chapter 6-2  Offenses as to Public Places
Chapter 6-3  Offenses as to Property
Chapter 6-4  Fireworks, Firearms, and Explosives
Chapter 6-5  Minors

Chapter 6-1  Offenses Against Public Welfare

6-1-1   Disturbing the Peace.  No person shall disturb the peace of the city or any person by violent, tumultuous, or offensive conduct, or by loud or unusual noises or by profane, obscene, indecent, violent, or threatening language, or by assaulting, striking another person, or attempting to assault or strike another person, or inviting or defying another person to fight or quarrel, or by willfully and maliciously destroying or attempting to destroy or injure any property belonging to another, or by engaging in a fight with another.

6-1-2   False Emergency Alarms Prohibited.  No person shall knowingly make or give any false alarms of fire or other emergency by calling or causing to be called the fire department, the police officers, or any authorized emergency vehicle.

6-1-3   Depositing Litter.  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, or business to dump, deposit, drop, throw, discard, leave, cause or permit the leaving of litter upon any public or private property within the City of Groton or upon private property owned by the City of Groton except as allowed in 4-1-13.  Litter includes, but is not limited to any garbage, trash, refuse, debris, rubbish, newspapers, magazines, glass, metal, plastic or paper containers or other packaging, construction material, furniture, oil, carcass of a dead animal, any nauseous or offensive matter of any kind, or anything else of an unsightly or unsanitary nature.

Chapter 6-2  Offenses as to Public Places

6-2-1   Crowds Obstructing Streets.  It shall be unlawful for persons to stand on any public street or sidewalk in such manner as to obstruct free passage thereon, or to annoy other persons passing along the same. Any policeman is authorized to disperse any crowd or group or to cause the removal of any person violating the provisions of this section, and to summarily arrest any person in case of refusal to obey any reasonable direction given by such officer for the purpose of clearing the way or preventing annoyance to any passerby on any public street or sidewalk.

6-2-2   Prohibiting Persons From Taking or Carrying Opened Containers of Alcohol in Public Places.  No person shall take, carry, or have in his possession upon a street, alley, sidewalk, or public grounds of the city any opened can, bottle, or other container in which there shall be any quantity of beer or other alcoholic beverage unless allowed by a temporary permit issued in accordance with SDCL Title 35 as amended.

6-2-3   Goods on Sidewalk.  No person shall place any goods or merchandise for sale or exhibition upon any sidewalk, except that such articles may be placed upon the outer side of the sidewalk for such time as may be necessary to load or unload the same, but on no instance shall any such article be left upon the sidewalk in the night time or in such as to obstruct the sidewalk.

Chapter 6-3  Offenses as to Property

6-3-1   Malicious Mischief.  It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully or maliciously deface, injure, remove, or destroy any personal property, real property, building, or other thing within the City of Groton.

6-3-2   Injuring Signs.  No person shall deface, remove, change, mar, or in any way interfere with or obliterate either wholly or in part any sign, signboard, or card placed, posted, extended, or erected by the city.

6-3-3   Disturbing Birds.  It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully or maliciously kill or wound any bird or birds within the public parks or streets of the City of Groton, or to willfully or maliciously rob or destroy the nest of any bird located within the public parks or streets of the City of Groton.

6-3-4   Unauthorized Connection With Gas, Water, or Electrical Pipe or Wire.  No person shall, without lawful authority, connect with any main service line, pipe, wire, or other device for the purpose of obtaining gas, water, or electrical current there from.  No person shall, with intent to defraud, interfere with any meter installed to register the full amount of gas, water, or electricity supplied to any customer.

6-3-5   Interference With City Property.  No person shall climb or in any manner interfere with any building, water tower, or structure belonging to the city, without being authorized to do so by the city; and no person shall in any manner injure or deface any such structure.

Chapter 6-4  Fireworks, Firearms, Weapons and Explosives

6-4-1   Discharge of Weapons.  It shall be unlawful for any person, except a police officer in the performance of an official act, to discharge or fire any gun, air rifle, sling shot, crossbow, bow and arrow, or other dangerous weapon within the city limits of the City of Groton.

6-4-2   Fireworks.  It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, keep for sale, or offer for sale to any person in the City of Groton any firecrackers, Roman Candles, rockets, or other fireworks or explosives from which firecrackers, blank cartridges, or other fireworks may be made or manufactured.

Fireworks shall be defined as those fireworks classified by the US Department of Transportation as Class C (Common) Fireworks (C.F.R. Title 49 - Transportation, Part 173.100 (r)) effective on January 1, 1983, including but not limited to those fireworks designed primarily to produce visible effects by combustion, that must comply with the construction, chemical composition, and label regulations promulgated by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (C.F.R. Title 16 -Commercial Practices, Part 1507), effective on January 1, 1983.

No person shall discharge or shoot any fireworks or firecrackers of any kind, within the City of Groton. Public display of fireworks is permitted at any time with the written consent of the city council.

Chapter 6-5 Minors

6-5-1   Curfew.  It shall be unlawful for any boy or girl under the age of seventeen (17) years to be on the streets, alleys, or public grounds of the City of Groton between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., on Sunday - Monday, Monday - Tuesday, Tuesday - Wednesday, Wednesday - Thursday, or Thursday - Friday; and between the hours of 12:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on Friday - Saturday or Saturday - Sunday unless accompanied by some person of majority age having lawful custody or control over said minor or unless on some errand by permission or direction of his or her parents, guardian, or employer.  He or she while on such errand shall not loiter on the way or make any undue noise by shouting or yelling or otherwise disturbing the peace and quiet of the city.

6-5-2   Penalty.  Any boy or girl who violates any of the provisions of section 6-5-1 shall be subject to arrest by any police officer or any citizen without process.  Upon such arrest, he or she shall be taken and delivered into the hands of his or her parents or guardian. Upon a second or any subsequent arrest, such offender shall be taken by such police officer or person and presented to the circuit court of Brown County to be handled and punished as provided by law.  Any parent or guardian or any person having lawful custody or control of any minor under the age of seventeen (17) years who shall allow, or permit said minor to violate the provisions of this chapter shall upon conviction thereof be subject to the penalties established in this ordinance (11-1-1).