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Electric meters are read the 1st of each month. Bills are sent out on the 10th. Payment is due by the 25th of the month. There will be a 10% penalty of all utility charges (excluding sales tax and HSU payback) on all accounts paid after the 25th of the month following billing date.

The city gets its main supply of electricity from the Western Area Power Administration with the remaining peak power being purchased from Heartland Consumers Power District. Groton has two substations, and a new remote read metering system.

Updated with new rates as of 1/16/2013

Schedule A - Load Management Participating Electric Residential Rate

Schedule B - Interruptible Power (Dual Heat & Heat Storage Units) Participating Electric Residential Rate

Schedule C - Geothermal/Heat Pump (with Minimum 10 KW Resistance Backup) Electric Heat Rate

Schedule D - Load Management Participating Single Phase General Services Electric Rate

Schedule E - Load Management Participating Three Phase General Services Electric Rate

Schedule F - Interruptible Power General Service Electric Rates

Schedule G - Load Management Participating General Service Electric Demand Customers Rate

Schedule H - General Service Capacity Charge Rate

Schedule I - Load Management Nonparticipating Electric Customer Rate

Schedule J - Load Management Controlled Electric Hot Water Heaters

Schedule K - Load Management Controlled Electric Air Conditioner (Not on Interruptible (Dual Heat) Power Rate

Schedule L - Security Lights

Schedule M - Heat Storage Unit Payback

What Types of Heat Qualifies for What Rate?

Qualified Electric Heat

No 110 Heat or Air Conditioner qualifies for reduced rate

City Supplies receiver, meter, and CT meter socket if needed

Customer pays for installation of receiver, meter, meter socket and anything else related to load management. Customer also pays for relays and relay box if needed.

Heated Garage - you can get a Dual Fuel Rate with the following stipulations - Customer pays for all costs to get hooked up to Dual Fuel. This includes meter, meter socket, receiver, etc... If unable to connect to the heat panel or main house dual fuel meter and receiver or house does not have a Dual Fuel System. It will be controlled at a dual fuel rate, no exceptions. (Can be turned off for several hours at a time during the peak times.)